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Premium Marinade Injector

It's a marinade injector......

(Also known as a meat injector, flavor injector, and seasoning injector)

Great food makes for great times with friends and family so you want to cook them the best. A roast, grill or barbecue with some trimmings has always been a favourite meal to share and bond over. It's not always easy to cook a great one though.


Moist, flavorsome, tender, delicious. That's the goal.  Marinating meat adds flavor, moisture and tenderness, right? But its not the perfect solution because its not always convenient to be prepared ahead of time, which you need to be with conventional marinating. And even when done right the result is not as good as it could be because it only works on the outer layer of the meat.  

LyfeStyle Products Ultimate Marinade Injector

Our marinade injector is the solution!   You are going to love the appreciation you get from your friends and family when you cook for them using the LyfeStyle Products Premium Marinade Injector.

They will be lining up for your amazing meals that have so much moisture and flavor, and the good times will roll!

You're going to go beyond surface marination and create your best meals ever by marinating throughout the entire food.  

And if you haven't marinated in advance it still works a treat; you can cook up a delicious storm spontaneously.

This injector is very tough and I am confident it will last a long time. The packaging being able to be used as storage is a nice touch and looks good enough I'm thinking it would make a good gift for a couple of my friends.

Nathan S.
BBQ Chef Birmingham, Alabama

Its easy and fast to use; make yourself a rock-star chef any day of the week, don't save it just for special occasions!

Typical flavor injectors are all or part plastic and break quickly. Our super heavy duty stainless steel injector will last for many many years; probably the last one you ever need to buy. 

It has two different super strong needles; a 12 hole to distribute purely liquid marinades evenly, and a single hole for thicker marinades or marinades with small solids (minced garlic for example).

It comes in a stylish gift box with a neat tray that stores the flavor injector between uses.

Convenient Storage Tray

$49.95    $25.01

Product was well packaged, and impressed straight out of the packet. I love to read the recipes on my phone while cooking.

ebook "Kiss the cook"
Easy To Use!

I could not believe the weight of the injector - this is a serious piece of kit. We used it on our Brisket and won our Church contest!

Demian M
Preparing Lamb


Marinade Recipe eBook (Printable)

FREE Recipe Book (PDF Download)

This will get you started quickly with marinade recipes for poultry, beef, lamb, pork, fish and even venison. It also has detailed  use and care instructions. Printable format. Mobile enhanced to read off your phone and cook as well !


Spare Set Of Seals

Spare Premium Marinade Injector Seals

You won't be needing these any time soon but just in case you lose any we include a complete spare set of seals for the plunger and both needles. Impress your friends!


Extend Your Warranty

2 Years to 4 Years

We will extend your two year warranty to four years. This is a heavy duty professional product that will outlast any other. This is the marinade injector for YOU!


You can try our Premium Marinade Injector at no risk.

If you are not satisfied with it you can return it within 30 days for a full refund with no questions asked and no hard feelings either.

Even the return shipping is on us!

I tend to research my target products a lot before taking the far the best on the market.... Excellent customer service with excellent communication.

Chef Classics Seattle Washington

Great product. Solid construction. I don't think I'll ever need to buy another injector in my life.

Kris N
Self Proclaimed: Kiss the Cook, Austin Texas

$49.95    $25.01

You Get All This

  • Premium Marinade Injector
  • Gift Box With Built In Storage Tray
  • Marinade Recipes + Care And Use Printable eBook
  • Complete Spare Set Of Seals
  •  Four Year Warranty

$49.95    $25.01